Is Kratom safe to consume?


Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant native to South East Asian countries.  It is a green leafy plant that often resembles other leafy plants.  It has been used by local people for years as a safe alternative for easing pain or chronic depression and even for boosting physical and sexual energy. Kratom has also been a part of the traditional medicine of these regions. Overall this herbal drug has been known to provide a feeling of happiness and well-being among its users.

Is Kratom safe to use?

The users of Kratom are several and their feedback is that Kratom is a lot more helpful and safer for dealing with chronic pain, as compared to other prescription painkillers. Kratom or its extracts are basically derived from a plant so it is absolutely natural. When Kratom is taken in the leaf form, there are minimal chances of it posing any danger. If one can control the dosage amount, then it is completely safe.

How and when can Kratom be safe?

Kratom leaves have more than 25 alkaloids in them and 2 of those alkaloids have opiate-like effects. They work on the opiate receptor cells of the brain to produce stimulating or sedative effects. However, the effect of these alkaloids are much less severe than some other drugs such as morphine. Moreover, the herb has proved to be really useful for relieving users of pain without creating any addictive effects.

The only risk or the greatest risk one can have is of falling asleep after consumption. If one is not doing any risky jobs, users consider the drug to be quite safe. Also one should avoid from climbing ladders or going near the fire while in a sedative or euphoric state. If Kratom is consumed in small doses, it simply creates a stimulant kind of effect and can be considered safe.

However, Kratom should not be taken while a person is on some other medication or during times of pregnancy. It should also not be consumed by mixing it with any other drugs.

For first time users, to be on the safer side, it is advisable not to use Kratom for more than one time a week. You should also not consume it for more than twice a month and then increase the frequency according to your tolerance capacity. This would also ensure that Kratom does not become a habit or addiction. Also, using it after long gaps would ensure that you enjoy the effects more.


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