White Vein Borneo Kratom – Benefits, Side Effects, & Dosage

White Vein Kratom Powder & Capsules

White Vein Borneo is one of the most popular Kratom strains today. It allows users to be more focused and productive.  Keeping focus and staying productive can be difficult sometimes, which White Vein Borneo can help with.  This variety of Mitragyna Speciosa is one of my favorites.

White Vein Borneo: Understanding this Kratom Strain

The White Vein Borneo comes from Kratom, of course, but more notably from the one with a white vein running down the middle of the plant’s leaves. Users who have benefitted from this particular strain testifies of it being able to provide better concentration, endurance, and motivation.

You remember when I said that this one is my favorite? Well, the reason is, the White Vein Borneo works more like coffee. You know, that drink you buy from Starbucks that comes in either hot or cold variety.

But why is it more like coffee?

Well, aside from Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom being actually from the coffee family. It also provides the same benefits. Alertness? Check. Increased mental function? Check. Wakefulness? Most definitely check.

Not only that. While the White Vein Borneo does promote an energized feeling, it does not resort to anxiety or restlessness.

With its energy inducing effects, White Vein Borneo also works perfectly to those feeling depressed and weak. However, like coffee, consumption of this particular strain can lead to jitters (if taken excessively) and inability to sleep.

Some users choose to mix White Vein Borneo with Red Vein strains to achieve a more balanced effect. Although it proves to be beneficial, I, however, did not find any need to do it yet.

Nonetheless, like any other things on the planet, the White Vein Borneo also comes with a list of both positive and side effects. What are these? Find out more below.

Positive Effects of White Vein Borneo Kratom

Starting with the positive effects, the White Vein Borneo is perfect for those looking to have more energy in dealing with various adversaries of daily life. You may hear someone (me including) say, “I can’t work without my daily dose of coffee first!”

Well, in a sense, this strain can somehow be an alternative to that.

This particular strain works best for people who need an immediate energizing agent, those who face busy schedule daily and those working professionals or individuals whose work requires a steady flow of energy, strength, and concentration.

White Vein Kratom is known to provide such benefits listed below:

    • Increased focus and attention to details
    • Increased energy and physical capacity
    • Increased mental and cognitive function
    • Ability to think clearly to arrive at solution
    • Achieved feeling of euphoria
    • More prominent motivation and drive

The White Vein Borneo is also famous for being the most consistent to provide with such benefits among other Kratom strains. It also works best when taken at 3-6 grams regularly.

Negative Effects of White Vein Borneo Kratom

There aren’t any known negative effects connected with White Vein Borneo use. Other than those effects discussed above, which somehow show because of its coffee-like properties such as jitters and sleeping problem, none has been reported of any other side effects one has encountered from taking it.

The most limiting feature about the White Vein Borneo is its slightly lower capacity to provide pain relief, which the other famous Kratom strains are known for.

If you are looking for that effect, I suggest you go for the strong ones like the Maeng Da. If not, the White Vein Borneo should do the trick for you.

Best Dosage for White Vein Borneo Kratom

As for finding the right dosage, it all depends on your intent. It could also vary from person-to-person as its potency is highly dependent on an individual’s tolerance, weight, and other physical factors.

However, as a general guide you should take note of the following:
1. Increased Energy and Focus. If you are after its coffee-like effects, you should take Kratom at 3-6 grams per day. Notice of the results that follow and then work from there. If you think you need more, it would be best to mix a Kratom powder with fruit juice or tea.
2. Stress and Relaxation. To achieve a more relaxing effect and not the increased energy, taking Kratom with a dosage of 7-9 grams should provide these desired effects.
3. Pain Relief. As already known, the White Vein Borneo does not work best as a painkiller as it focuses mainly as a stimulant. However, if you intend to achieve such, taking it at a higher dosage should still provide the said effect, albeit not the full potential. I still suggest Maeng Da highly for this.

If one thing has been fairly established, it is that Kratom had a wide variety of benefits and also a wide range of options to choose from. It still depends on your intention and perception. One thing’s for sure. Kratom is definitely nature’s wonder.


  1. Short, simple and informative. Kratom is an herbal plant which is good for an antidepression supplement for the wellbeing. I have been using it for past two years and have not experienced any severe side effects, just mild headaches.

  2. I’ve tried at least half a dozen kratom strains. The same basic feeling I get is energy and a very talkative response which lasts hours.

  3. First time using kratom found in gas station 2 packet’s 1st is by kchill And is called white lightning white vein maeng da the 2nd is a blue packet same company it says all natural maeng da instead of white lightning.
    Now I am on 4 mg of Suboxyne a day and ij wanted to take this to get a adderall euphoric pain killer type effect Can anyone tell me in Now to take this for the first time there are 10 pills in each pack that are 500 mg caps . Please let me know asap.
    Thanks all

    • suboxone blocks the receptors in the brain mainly responsible for the euphoric and pain relieving or opioid like effects of kratom. the euphoria is not like amphetamines at all, and any simulation comes from mild activity on serotonin receptors, not massive reuptake inhibition of dopamine and adrenaline like Adderall. you also got ripped off. a light dose of kratom is 5000mg; those ten pills barely add up to one dose – similar to a cup of coffee. in higher doses, kratom is an effective treatment for chronic pain, depression, and ADD, but not really something to get high on, especially if you’re already taking an anti addiction prescription drug which will block many of its effects. not to mention interactions with suboxone can include severe nausea and constipation. it can help taper off subs but only at the very end, 4mg is too high. stay safe and good luck.


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