About Us

We, at Kratom News, is a walking testament of humble beginning.

Founded in late 2015, KratomNews.org started with a group of people sharing the same interest. It began as an exchanging of news clippings and articles found on the internet, magazines, and newspapers between three of its core founders, the site has now become a home to more than a handful of writers, enthusiasts and advocates of Kratom in the last couple of years.

We envision being a community created, handled and shared by Kratom advocates – for other Kratom advocates.

Being an advocate of Kratom myself, the first thing I noticed is the lack of available resources in my research about this excellent natural herb. I found myself looking for every available information on the internet, magazines and other media that provide details about it. It has been my process for a couple of years.

In a convention I attended in Florida, a couple of years back, I met two people who share the same interest, the same dilemma and the same process as me. Bryan Samuels, whom I fondly recall as the bald guy with an interesting take on mixing his drink (whatever kind) with lemon. Nathan Wilde, who was shy (back then), would only communicate with nods, and confused look. The three of us started talking about Kratom, our choice of strain and our frustration about the limited available information about the said herb.

That fateful meeting became the root of a friendship and the foundation of Kratom News.

Over a period of time, our group of three became a large community of Kratom users and advocates and still growing as we speak.

Our idea of creating a community and a portal for everything there is to know about Kratom became a reality but still a work in progress, nonetheless.

We invite you to join us. Be part of a community that wears the same clothes, waves the same flag and walks the same road.

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