Yellow Vietnam Kratom – Background, Experience and Dosage


The Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the latest Kratom strains that hit the Western market. Like its original predecessors, this new strain has quickly grabbed the attention of many Kratom users and has even gained quite some followers.

While Kratom has grown wildly in many regions of Vietnam for many centuries, it is only recently that it made a significant impact on the Kratom market.

Due to the reasonably different climatic conditions in Vietnam from other Kratom-producing regions such as Thailand and Borneo, including the difference in the makeup of plants native to Vietnam, this Vietnam Kratom has a distinct effect

Where Does Yellow Vietnam Kratom Grow?

To better understand this specific Kratom strain, it should first be considered that not all places in Vietnam are suitable for growing potent Kratom. In fact, there’s only a small area known for producing Kratom in Vietnam, but the good thing is, the strain they produce is quite strong.

Majority of Vietnam Kratom is grown within the 200-mile forest around Mekong River, where the water flows from the mountainous landscapes, bringing with it vast amounts of minerals to enrich the soil and provide the necessary requisites to grow robust Kratom plants.

Vietnam Kratom can also be found in Long Xuyen, the provincial capital of An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta region of southwestern Vietnam. Being near the Mekong River provides Yellow Vietnam Kratom enough levels of humidity without too much moisture as well as the proper nutrients from the soil

Effects of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Although we don’t know the reason why Vietnam Kratom tends to produce yellow or gold colored veins when dried in a specific manner, this particular drying process affects the alkaloids, creating a bit different effect from other kinds of Kratom. It is similar to how some unique types of tea fermentation are done.

Compared to the Kratom found in Thailand, the leaves from Vietnam Kratom contains 25% more alkaloid due to its rich location. The number of alkaloids present in Kratom leaves is essential because these are the natural chemicals that offer unique stimulation and enhancement of mood.

For most Kratom users, no matter how good the smell of the leaf or how sweet it is, these things do not matter unless it offers pleasant effects.

As more and more Kratom enthusiasts get the chance to try Yellow Vietnam Kratom, this strain is getting serious praise. One thing that differs Yellow Vietnam Kratom from other strains is that it is well-balanced. It offers highly pleasurable and sophisticated effect on both the mind and body.

Nearly all strains of Vietnam Kratom offer both physical relaxation and mental.  Below are some of the most prominent experiences you’ll notice with Vietnam Kratom:

  • Mental energy
  • Focus
  • Pain relief
  • Natural mood boost
  • Physical relaxation

While pain relief isn’t as distinct as Indo strains, it’s still beneficial for most kinds of pain. The beautiful thing about Vietnam Kratom is that it comes with no sedating effect, which some users don’t like when it comes to relieving pain as it disrupts their daily activities.

Different batches of Yellow Vietnam may have varying effects. Further, every Kratom user responds differently, but there are general effects experienced by most users. Below, we have listed the specific effects and experiences of Kratom users who have tried Yellow Vietnam strain:

  • Mind-clearing effect
  • Balance of relaxation and energy
  • Elevates mood
  • Enhances visual perception
  • Soothes the stomach
  • No bitter taste

Experiences with Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Now that more and more people who are using Kratom regularly have tried the new Yellow Vietnam strain, we received many positive reports and feedbacks about it.

In general, the effect of this strain is reportedly enjoyable and noticeable for both psychological and physical state. The effects are immediate and give users a balanced flow of energy and calmness.

Similar to other Kratom strains, this one may significantly elevate the mood. Another thing that made this strain quickly rose to popularity is that it has no bitter taste, which many people tend to dislike with Kratom.

Users told that both visual state and perception were enhanced significantly, providing a positive and euphoric sensation. This new Yellow Vietnam Kratom possesses many characteristics that help with pain relief, creating a highly positive feeling of calmness and bliss.

Difference with Maeng Da

One of the best and most popular Kratom strain is the Maeng Da. It is known among Kratom uses for its strong intensity and strength. How does it differ with the Yellow Vietnam strain?

Both strains contain high alkaloid levels, and many users reported that both offer soothing and calming effects. Maeng Da is usually recognized as a highly stimulating, energizing strain but Vietnam Kratom has been experimented to have pain-relief characteristics and euphoric qualities.

What is important is how the body responds to the specific Kratom strain, the taste preference and what the user is looking for.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Dosage

Many Kratom users suggested Yellow Vietnam as a mid-day strain. It means that it can be somewhat energetic at times, so it’s not good to take before sleep time. It can also be used for morning and afternoon doses.

Like any Kratom powder, it is best to start with a low dose. Generally, the best dose when trying out a new strain is 2 to 3 grams. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes, then decide whether to take another 2 grams. After taking the first dose and the effects you’re looking for are not realized, you can increase to 3 to 6 grams.

Because of the strength and intensity of Yellow Vietnam, it is important not to take it on an empty stomach. Besides, always stay hydrated to prevent uncomfortable reactions and headaches.

Is It Legal in Vietnam?

Despite Yellow Vietnam’s popularity across the world, its legality in Vietnam is still questionable. We have heard that it is only illegal for consumption, though other reports told that it is outright illegal, similar to Thailand.

Regardless of these inconsistencies, Vietnam Kratom continues to export leaves. This is good news as we can expect this unique strain to be readily available, providing Kratom users a variety of options to choose from. Overall, Vietnam Kratom, especially the Yellow strain, shows vast promise and is worth to try.


  1. Yellow Kratom is definitely one of my favorite strains. I can take a dose and go for a long powerwalk and feel quite relaxed and pain-free while energized enough to complete 6 to 7 miles. As with all other strains, too much is counter-effective and may make you sleepy.


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