The Rising Concerns Of Kratom In Carbondale


If you are a Kratom user no one has to tell you that the substance has really gotten a bad name of the years, despite the fact that it can serve many purposes and provide many benefits. It seems that the substance has once again caused some backlash and bad mouthing in the city of Carbondale. And, this came after a new shop in the area posted advertisements for the sale of Kratom products. The storefront posted a big sign right in the front of the shop. This caused quite a stir on social media due to the fact that the FDA has issued numerous warnings about the potentially harmful effects of the substance. However, many swear that it can be used for medical purposes and might even be a more natural solution for opioid addiction

Helping The Local Community

The shop that is raising so much fuss is known as the Endless Mountain Glass Gallery and the owner just recently relocated the shop from nearby Mayfield. While the Endless Mountains Glass Gallery is fairly new to the area of Carbondale, the citizens have taken to the shop right off. In fact, they were quick to come to its defense. As many of the customers are quoted saying that the substance is completely legal, but the feds are making such a fuss because they have problems with the owner. The owner of the shop is named Ray Depew and he helps many customers on a daily basis. In fact, one man recently came into the shop looking for something to help ease his nerves and Ray recommended Kratom. He told the customer that this is an all-organic powder that is directly imported from Indonesia so it is 100 percent legal.

In fact, Ray has sixteen customers that use Kratom as a substitute from painkillers. Ray also went on to say that most of his customers are between the ages of forty and fifty and use the substance to help with joint pain, back pain, and arthritis.

Didn’t Stop the Backlash

Unfortunately, these medical claims did not stop the backlash. It seems that there has been numerous recent post on social media. Some of the local citizens are worried about the sale of Kratom in Carbondale. Ray struck back by saying that he is just simply selling a substance that people want and need and he doesn’t see how that could possibly make him some kind of monster. The funny thing is that there is another shop selling Kratom in Carbondale and it is located off Route 6 right next to a high school and elementary school. One local Carbondale resident said that the substance is legal, but there just isn’t enough knowledge out there about the substance. The resident also went on to say that some individuals probably abuse the substance, which could potentially lead to negative side effects.

What the Mayor Says

The Mayor says that a new shop moves into town, puts up a sign, and everyone is going nuts. As far as he can tell the cops do not have any issues with anyone that is selling Kratom and the city simply cannot do anything to prevent anyone from selling it. He did say that he was concerned with the substance and didn’t want to see it get in the wrong hands.


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