Oxford Stores Given Warnings To Comply With Kratom Ban Immediately


Over the years, Kratom has developed a bad reputation. While it is true that the substance offers a wealth of benefits, many governmental agencies are not keen on making it available to the public. In the United States, it is common to find Kratom in convenience stores, head shops, hemp stores, and other facilities. Just remember that this is starting to change very quickly. In Oxford, there is a good chance that this substance is going to be banned in the future. In fact, it has been said that stores in this area have received warnings that they need to complex with current kratom bans immediately.

If they do not, they’re going to face serious repercussions. Within this article, you’re going to learn more about the kratom bans and how it is going to impact stores in Oxford.

Proposed Ban

First and foremost, you should learn a little more about the proposed ban. Kratom was not always banned in Oxford, Mississippi. At one time, consumers could purchase the substance without any issues whatsoever. That started to change when the police complained about it not too long ago. In May of 2019, the local police department spoke out against kratom. During this time, Oxford Police proposed an ordinance to ban the synthetic product. This took place at the Board of Alderman meeting. Jeff McCutchen, who was the interim chief, spoke to the Board and provided them with a rundown of the proposed ordinance.

Why It Happened

So, what brought about the proposal in the first place? Well, it should be noted that the Department of Health and Human Services send out a recommendation to the DEA to begin classifying Kratom as a Schedule 1 substance. If this was approved, the DEA would begin saying that the substance has a high potential for abuse. And, it would not be suitable for medical use. It is estimated that eleven individuals have died after using Kratom. The substance was found during tests carried out during their autopsy. However, it is not known whether or not Kratom had anything to do with the actual death.

If the proposal submitted by the HHS was successful, it would make kratom illegal across the board. In fact, it would be classified on the same level as heroin and LSD. This is very harsh when it is clear that kratom is not nearly as harmful as these two substances. Nevertheless, these governmental agencies usually get what they want.

McCutchen’s Statements

When speaking with the board, McCutchen would say that there were 11 overdoses in which kratom was involved one way or another. He also specified that the OPD recently worked on a case in which a victim had kratom in their system. Again, it is not clear if kratom had anything to do with the deaths. Nevertheless, these agencies have found an opening and they’re going to run with it. If they’re able to push their agenda on the public, stores in the city of Oxford will no longer be able to sell kratom to the public and that is bad for everyone involved.

How It Was Sold

As mentioned above, the City of Oxford did not always ban Kratom. In the past, it was possible for local residents to walk into a local store and buy kratom. It was available in various forms including liquid and pill. The product is sometimes sold under other names including Kakauam, Ketum, Kratum, Krathom, and others. This could change due to the proposed ban. If this happens and the ban is successful, consumers in this area will no longer have access to Kratom. They will need to seek out other alternatives or drive a longer distance to get what they desire.

Mark Huelse Speaks Out

It should be noted that not everyone was against kratom. Take Alderman Mark Huelse as an example. He wanted to speak with the interim chief at a later time to discuss the substance. After all, he was a friend with former Old Miss professor Christopher McCurdy who is an expert in the field. He insists that McCurdy knew more about kratom than anyone else. And, he noted that the professor had used the substance to treat individuals who were withdrawing from opioids with kratom.

Therefore, there was one individual who may have been against the ban.

The Ban Is Back

On July the 17th of 2019, the kratom ban was placed back on the table. Oxford leaders once again wanted the product banned. The Board originally agreed to put the ordinance on the back burner until they were able to perform more research on the substance. They also wanted to speak with the interim chief more about it. Well, a new ordinance was added to the agenda in July of 2019. This time, it was recommended by OPD Major Sheridan Maiden. He told the board that more overdose victims were found with kratom in their system. Of course, it should be noted that these individuals have a combination of drugs in their system too.

Therefore, it is clear that these individuals were abusing other drugs. This makes it difficult to say that kratom is the actual problem here. Nevertheless, these government officials are adamant that they want kratom off of the streets as quickly as possible.

Kratom Is Banned

Unfortunately, kratom supporters have lost big time in Oxford. In August of this year, it was announced that kratom had been banned by the city of Oxford. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to buy kratom in this city. The sale of synthetic kratom products was set to be banned on August the 6th. This is not the only city in Mississippi that has taken similar action. In fact, it is said that 30 or more cities and counties have done the same. Now that Oxford has managed to successfully ban the substance, there is a good chance that others will do so too. Therefore, kratom supporters may want to move out of Oxford and Mississippi as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may no longer be able to access the substance that they need.

Is there hope?

Local advocates have pointed to an upcoming election where they hope to fill the city government with officials sympathetic to the cause of kratom. “I will not stop until this ban is reversed” – Bradley Pollard – Local activist “It is time that the government stops legislating how people take care of their own bodies.” Pollard states that he is beginning a local group called “Oxford for Kratom”. He is looking for other citizens to join him in his campaigning efforts.


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