Lab Testing Done on Various Kratom Products

Lab Testing Done on Various Kratom Products

Think that all Kratom sources are reliable? Think again! WPTV has helped confirm a piece of information most Kratom users have become aware of. Unsafe vendors have been reported to sell products that aren’t Kratom.  It is important to know where you are getting your kratom from.  The report shows a collection of Kratom products from various shops and kava bars being tested. Out of the four samples, one was reported negative as mitragynine. The important fact most who are interested in the use of Kratom need to realize is that finding a reliable source is the most important part to maintaining a healthy and safe use of this chemical. A lot of vendors out there will make promises of their Kratom being the highest quality option available. They will use any marketing tactic in order to accomplish sales rather than being concern with the safety of their customers. We at Kratom News want to make sure that our readers are aware of this sad fact, and hope that users are being careful and doing enough research.


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