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Using Kratom with Marijuana (CBD & THC): Medicinal & Psychological Effects

Kratom Marijuana Benefits Effects

Weed, cannabis, or Marijuana as popularly known in its leaf form, brings up both positive and negative connotations with people who are familiar with the plant. However, looking past the negativity that hounds the said plant, it is a medicinal herb that is mainly used for medicinal purposes.

This practice is dated years back, and many weed enthusiasts testify to its benefits. Recently, people who have discovered the natural wonders of Kratom also began using it along with weed.

Kratom with Marijuana combination may seem dangerous to others, given the recent media coverage that paints the two negatively, but some find the mix beneficial.  You should create a clear understanding before trying the mix benefits.

Using Kratom with Marijuana

As already known, Kratom is a medicinal plant that is native to Southeast Asia. The Mitragyna Speciosa is rich with health benefits that it is becoming more widely used after being recognized as an effective cure for various ailments and dietary supplement. Cannabis is already famous even before Kratom began attracting consumers in the U.S.

However, recent events have put the infamous herb back in the limelight again after people protesting against illegalization had surfaced, sighting its medicinal benefits as their core reason.

Kratom and Cannabis have their set of positive effects, but with an ideal amount of combination, people began using it together.

“In traditional medical systems, marijuana was commonly used to treat fevers, pain, vomiting, insomnia, and inflammation. In the 1800s, it was sold as an alcoholic extraction and used as an analgesic,” said Johnny in an article from Weed News, a popular media outlet covering the topic of marijuana and CBD.

This mix, which may be too much for some people’s perception, has not shown any health problems, nor does any study had claimed of its harmful effects, making the combination safe to use.

Legal Status of Kratom and Marijuana:

Kratom is widely legal in some areas, while also illegal on few. The natural herb has been proven to be an effective health supplement, and testimonies from many of its users have further supported these claims.

While Kratom may be illegal in some areas, the intention of such decision has cast doubts, as there have been no cases of death related to its usage, nor extreme cases of health hazard were ever reported.

Contrary to Kratom, Cannabis has been illegal in most areas sighting some of its effects as harmful, most especially on the abuse cases. However, Marijuana still has a following from numerous users due to its undeniable benefits, particularly on people suffering from pain. Thus, medically, it is safe.

Medical Benefits of Using Kratom with Marijuana:

Other than its popularity for elevating mental state, using Kratom with Cannabis is also proven to have medicinal benefits. The combination of the two is perfect for people looking for relief from chronic pains or those undergoing opiate withdrawal.

Some of this mix’s benefits are proven by countless testimonies of people using it and have been tested in some studies, although a more extensive research on these said benefits is still underway. Nevertheless, these still support the claims of benefits from using Kratom and weed.

Using Kratom with Marijuana for Pain Relief

Both Kratom and Cannabis contain the most potent compound that is known for its analgesic properties. Thus, the combination of the two provides users the best of both worlds.

Kratom and Cannabis mixture is known to provide relief from ailments such as:

  • Neck and back pains
  • Joints, knee and muscle pains
  • Injuries
  • Pain after medical operation
  • Irritable bowel movement
  • Musculoskeletal pain and fatigue
  • Endometriosis

How Does Using Kratom with Marijuana Work for Pain?

Kratom contains naturally formed alkaloids that interact with your body’s receptors, which then communicate to your brain to enhance its reception to suffering. These alkaloids are also found in Cannabis, albeit a different kind.

Still, these perform the same task as Kratom by way of pain management. These two works hand in hand by first decreasing your sensitivity to pain and enhancing your body’s pain tolerance.

Using Kratom with Marijuana for Opiate Withdrawal

Kratom’s effectivity against Opiate withdrawal has been fairly established. However, using Cannabis along with it further promotes its efficiency to its highest potential.

Although there is no available medical research about its effects, the testimonies from many former opiate dependents, who have been positively helped by this practice, have shed light to this benefit enough to warrant scientific studies of some medical and health groups to prove its claim.

Kratom and weed combination is known to alleviate significant opiate withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, agitation, and panic attacks, without any side effects reported. It also promotes good sleeping cycle that allows your body’s digestive system to function well as intended, thereby clearing any toxins existing from the said opiate abuse.

Kratom and Marijuana Psychological Effects

Other than its medicinal benefits, some users have also reported on Kratom and Cannabis combination’s psychological benefits. They say that the said mix help them become more relaxed and less tensed when dealing with their difference adversities in life.

Other psychological effects include:

  • Stress relief
  • Euphoric feeling
  • Increased sensory function
  • Relied on anxiety and depression
  • helps fight psychotic disorders
  • better sleep

How to Use Kratom with Marijuana

As both natural medicines are known to induce side effects, combining Kratom and Cannabis consumption should always be administered with proper diligence.

The dosage and concentration should be carefully measured, as anything that goes beyond the recommended measurement will result in various negative effects such as nausea and stomach problems.

Cannabis should also be taken in lesser quantity than Kratom to ensure its efficiency.

The standard practice is by taking Kratom as a drink (from powder) and then smoking cannabis after one or two hours.

This combination can enhance your mental function, physical activity and provides relief from many ailments.

While using Kratom with Cannabis is still experimental at this point, one can’t argue the many benefits the said combination has provided to its various user for over a century. Still, everyone should be responsible enough to proceed with caution and ask advice from a medical professional for a proper dosage or practice is still recommended.


  1. Awesome artical i have been thinking about combining CBD oil ,with a low THC level, along with my Kratom. Thank uou

  2. I am using medical marijuana cbd16% THC a 0% THC b 8% and 1.5 milligrams kratom 3 times a day, I was taking 15 pills a day , I have CRPS and TOS , I also have PTSD , the benefits have been great I am off all the other medicine and have also stopped drinking..


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