Victory in Palm Beach: Kratom Warning Signs Removed


Kratom is now being more open for the residents of Palm Beach County, Florida. Victory on Kratom Warning Signs will be removed from Palm Beach County for good. Kava Bars, known for selling Kratom, and convenient stores won’t have to post warning signs regarding Kratom and how it was previously claimed to being addictive.  Kratom is a plant that helps fight many addictive qualities you may see in prescription drugs. This new policy, along with other motions to stop imposing rules on Kratom, are a sign of changes that are being brought to this plant once under scrutiny.

The plant had originally been required to have warning signs in Palm Beach County, but lawmakers realized that some of the signs posted had been “factually incorrect”. These new policies as well as a study being launched by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are all done as an effort to better understand the plant.

The entire Kratom community is excited that the folks in Palm Beach County is acknowledging the natural benefits of Kratom. Here at Kratom News will be staying on top of this story and will publish the follow-up article as soon as we go through their studies results this fall.


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