Kratom Used To Treat Veterans With PTSD

Kratom Veterans With PTSD

Think Kratom can’t be used for rehabilitation? A lot of people seem to think so.

Paul Kemp is one of those who thinks it can. Take a look at this in-depth report on how Kratom may work with PTSD. Kemp uncovers some information about how other drugs have been used to treat veterans, and how Kratom may bring positive benefits to our war heroes.

He quotes one soldier who wrote him:

I myself have suffered from moderate PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder after several deployments to Iraq. So far Kratom seems to totally alleviate those symptoms. It is mostly the anxiety I deal with, constant worry. While in the military they prescribed me various anxiety medications and I stopped taking them after about six months. I understood the risk and the harmful side effects that came with it.

A few points Kemp bring about is the fact that Kratom has had a long history of human use, and how it can help treat veterans in a economical, safe, and useful way. He also recognizes how overall, most Kratom users treat various issues with very minimal negative effects.

The article contains information regarding how Kratom can help reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and get a better understanding of what Kratom can do as well. This is a good read for anyone who is looking to get more information on how Kratom exactly works and how it can be very useful in today’s societies and communities.


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