Kratom to Treat Depression: the Best Natural Alternative to Anti-Depressants

Kratom for Anti Depression

One of the many benefits of Kratom is its anti-depression capability. Recent studies show that one out of three Americans today suffer from depression, which is no wonder why Kratom has also seen popularity in the U.S.

Contrary to common belief, depression is not a psychological discover. However, even if depression can’t be classified as an ailment of a sort, it’s not a laughing matter also. Depression can still be dangerous if left untreated or uncontrolled. If you feel like yourself or your loved ones are in need of going to a rehab, Rehab Report will be the first place to look for rehab center reviews.

What is Depression? 

Depression is a mood disorder most often caused by severe emotions after a sad experience, death of a loved one, postpartum or changed that may have happened in a person. From a scientific point of view, depression is when Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that communicates to the brain for happiness is at the lowest level. Its symptoms include feeling bored, inactivity, loss of self-confidence, lethargy, sleeping problems, migraines and worst, suicidal thoughts or attempts.

Moreover, depression can also affect the people surrounding the person who suffers from it. The inability to the job as expected, failures in maintaining a sexual or personal relationship and self-loathing can also disrupt a person’s activity and connection to the community.

How Can Kratom Treat Depression?

Kratom helps treat depression through its naturally formed Alkaloids that send signals to the brain’s opioid receptors. One of these Alkaloids is Mitragynine, which is proven to provide a person euphoric feeling and increased energy after consumption. Through this, Kratom blocks pain and other depression induced symptoms by increasing the level of Serotonin in one’s physical chemistry. The process results in the following effects:

– Increased energy

– Good mood

– More focus

– Enhanced concentration

– Better appetite

– Sociability

– Positivity in life

With these results, it will allow a person to function well in the community he/she belongs and maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship.

Best Kratom Strain for Anti-Depression 

As already known, Kratom offers many benefits and as a remedy for depression is just one of these. Therefore, it is imperative to know which strain will work the best for such intention.

Green Malay Kratom 

The Green Malay Kratom is one of the popular options for anti-depression. It is proven to be effective in minimizing depression for its ability to uplift moods without the euphoric effects.

Red Vein Bali Kratom 

Other users favor the Red Vein Bali for its sedating effects. It is also proven beneficial for treating depression with its ability to lessen increment of pain and other symptoms through sedation.

The Green Malay Kratom and Red Vein Bali are both established to provide users with increased energy that can help alleviate various symptoms such as lethargy, laziness, feeling unmotivated and a general lack of energy.

However, people who suffer from Hyper Activity is highly recommended to take these strains with precautions as these can cause side effects. It is important only to consume Kratom with high quality; anything sub par can have adverse effects and might even worsen the condition.

 Correct Kratom Dosage to Treat Depression

As recommended, taking 2-3 grams of either the Green Malay Kratom or Red Vein Bali should be enough to have its full benefits. However, it must be noted to consume it for over 12-15 grams.

That said, 15 grams should be considered as the maximum for everyday consumption, as anything over the said measurement can develop tolerance. Others prefer using a teaspoon with each teaspoon corresponding to 2.5 grams to measure the intake actually,

Ideally, consumption of Kratom every day should be limited to 5 grams within every 6 hours. For those looking to consume Kratom long-term, reducing intake to .5-2.5 grams per day is proven beneficial to achieve a more continuous effect, without developing any tolerance.

As a guide here is the following recommended measurement per type of user:

1. Beginners – ideal dosage is at 2-3 grams

2. Regular users – 4-7 grams for achieving moderate effects

3. Expert users – limit consumption to 7-10 grams to experience substantial effects

Kratom for Anti-Depression Helpful Tips 

1. Along with taking Kratom, it is also highly advised for users to consume foods that are rich in Amino Acid Tyrosine. It is also known to combat depression and helps the body increase its level of Serotonin.

Among the products that are rich with Tyrosine are the following:

– Banana

– Pumpkin and Chia seeds

– Almonds

– Avocadoes

– Berries

– Sesame Seeds and Oil

– Lima beans

– Most dairy products

However, it is also important to note that taking anti-depressant medicines along with taking Kratom and consuming foods rich with Tyrosine is highly discouraged as some of these drugs require a minimal amount of the said chemical compound in the body.

2. Another helpful tip in battling against depression is increasing one’s consumption of anti-oxidants. Including fruits and vegetables in oxidizing Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Among the following products that are rich in anti-oxidants are the following:

– Carrots

– Lettuce

– Beetroots

– Lemons and Oranges

– Berries

– Watermelons

– Other citrus fruits

3. Keeping the body’s sugar and fat contents are also proven beneficial for controlling one’s depressive state. These are known to decrease the level of Dopamine and caused lethargy, which is why keeping these in balance should be substantial.

4. Consumption of supplements and vitamins is also highly recommended to boost the body’s immune system and keep it healthy – away from any sickness or ailments.

5. Lastly, taking a new habit is also known to help significantly in battling depression, as it can keep the mind and body occupied and busy. Others also suggest doing or joining activities such as Yoga classes or Pilates as an efficient habit while also promoting a healthy mind and body.

In the end, it is important to remember that Kratom is only an instrument against depression and not the absolute answer to it. A person’s determination and willingness to free himself/herself from depression is still the most proven effective anti-depressant.

An individual’s acknowledgment of feeling depressed or suffering is the first step. Following through it and overcoming it is the most crucial part. Consumption of Kratom, in one way or another, is an effective method or process in remedying the symptoms, but the total freedom from depression still depends on a person’s action and determination.


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