How to Choose Kratom Strains & Dosage for Desired Effects

Kratom Strains Effects Dosage

Is your pain getting in the way of your day-to-day functioning? Do you feel like your pain is all that you think about?  If you have exhausted all your options and are looking for alternative remedies, then you’ve probably heard of Kratom. If you are thinking of Kratom, then, it is time that you analyzed the different strains available and pick the one that suits your needs in the best possible way.

Needless to say, online stores, such as Coastline Kratom, with the sheer abundance of this herb, will confuse you and you might end up choosing something that doesn’t suit what you have in mind. Knowing, understanding, analyzing your options can help you to pick the one that is tailor-made for your needs.

What should you look for while buying Kratom?

While buying Kratom, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration and they are:

  • Vein color
  • Strain name
  • Formulation

As they say that one man’s treasure is another man’s poison, choosing your Kratom characteristics is directly linked to you needs and preferences. Identifying why you need Kratom, and especially buying the kind that fits your requirements is perhaps the most important step there is in your treatment.

Kratom leaves distinguish themselves with the various colors present in the veins of their leaves. These colors are indicative of the distinguishing properties that each strain has. So, when you are working out your options here’s a couple of pointers to look out for – the white veined leaves are meant to stimulate an underactive soul, red veined leaves tend to bring a sense of calm and make you feel sedated and green veined leaves are a bit of both and follow, what we call the middle path.

Different Strain names and what you should know about them

This natural herb, Kratom, owes its origin to plants in specific geographical locations and hence their names vary from strain to strain. This is why you will come across the names of places like Thailand, Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia in association with Kratom strains. Don’t be surprised if you encounter an Indo Kratom strain while browsing through web pages.
Each of these strains has different ways of reacting with your system and while some can be used for internal peace and harmony, a few others have been known to be effective pain relievers.

It is a given fact that every individual reacts in a unique way to foreign substances and a proper analysis of how a random strain can affect your system is a rather difficult claim to make.

Online vendors have come up with an effective solution to help you choose the one you need. In order to clear the confusion around the efficacy of the strains, they offer sample packs with a few different strains at a time so that the decision lies in your own hands.

What other factors should you look for?

Now that you have a basic idea about Kratom strains, there is one more decisive factor that you should know about. Kratom is available in a number of forms; from crushed leaves, raw powder, capsules, extracts to concentrated powder.

So which one do you choose?

If you have just stumbled on Kratom and are thinking of starting to use it, try it in capsule form first.

This way you don’t have to worry about taste and more importantly, are economical and are also less reactive. Moreover, if you have rather sensitive taste buds, these capsules will ensure that your tongue does not come in contact with the bitter powder.

However, if you have been using Kratom for a while now and would like to try a more immersive experience, you could try using extracts.

Dosage & Effects of the Most Popular Kratom Strains:

Red Vein Bali

Perfectly suited for beginners, the Bali Red Vein is your solution if you have been feeling low and depressed. It works on uplifting your mood and keeping stress factors at bay.

  • Dosage: 5g
  • Effects: Acts more as a mood enhancer and pain reliever.
  • Stimulating: 2/5 | Mood Enhancing: 4/5 | Pain Reliving: 5/5

Red Vein Thai

Known to have a better longevity, this strain has better reviving properties than the Bali Red vein.

  • Dosage: 5g
  • Effects: Less of a sedative and more of a mood enhancer.
  • Stimulating: 2/5 | Mood Enhancing: 4/5 | Pain Reliving: 4/5

Green Vein Thai

This strain strikes a perfect balance between euphoria and despair,

  • Dosage: 5g
  • Effects: Helps attain a harmony between mixed feelings.
  • Stimulating: 4/5 | Mood Enhancing: 3/5 | Pain Reliving: 2/5

Green Vein Malay

Stimulating enough to induce euphoria, this strain can effectively reduce the symptoms of depression.

  • Dosage: 5g
  • Effects: Well-rounded mood enhancement.
  • Stimulating: 3/5 | Mood Enhancing: 5/5 | Pain Reliving: 2/5

White vein Borneo

Enhances focus, mental capabilities and improves concentration issues.

  • Dosage: 5g
  • Effects: A perfect stimulant for stagnated mental conditions.
  • Stimulating: 4/5 | Mood Enhancing: 4/5 | Pain Reliving: 2/5

Maeng Da White Vein

Its usage has been known to provide unbelievable mental output.

  • Dosage: 4g
  • Effects: Overwhelming cerebral stimulation.
  • Stimulating: 5/5 | Mood Enhancing: 5/5 | Pain Reliving: 2/5

Now that you are aware of the strains and their potential benefits, you can make an informed choice as to which strain would suit you the best.


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