Kratom Effects: Top Positive and Negative Effects

Kratom Positive and Negative Effects

Given the popularity of Kratom and its ever-growing list of benefits from various users, a lot more people are getting into the wagon, wanting to try the natural herb.  These people have longed looked for relief. However, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the product before going in.

The effects of Kratom vary from each users’ body measurement, the dosage, the kind and a lot more. One’s benefits may not be the same as yours, and one’s side effects may not be the same that you will get. Hence, there is a need to examine first its benefits and side effects before trying it for yourself.

Top 10 Kratom Benefits:

Mood Booster:

One of the attractive benefits of Kratom is its ability to alleviate users’ mood and consciousness. Others who have tried Kratom testify of its capacity to bring users into a good mood, positivity and a general feeling of contentment.
Kratom will help you believe that everything is possible and have a deeper sense of well-being. In larger dosage, Kratom can give users the feeling of euphoria, which is likely the effect of the plant’s anti-depressant trait found on its mitragynine alkaloid component.

Improves Sleep Quality:

Taking in Kratom before going to sleep has received a favorable response from users, as the natural herb can contribute to improving your sleep quality. It can help you rest your mind that makes it much easier to sleep.

Others have also stated that Kratom makes them dream more and assist them wake up feeling reinvigorated, ready to take on new challenges every morning.


Kratom can also help you relax more with its anxiolytic and sedative effect once taken in larger dosage. Other than boosting your mood, Kratom is also useful in keeping you calm and stress-free. It can also help you shake off negative feelings like nervousness and tension, both physical and mental.

Increased Sociability:

Another benefit of using Kratom is its ability to make you feel more sociable and less anxious. With the right dosage, you can be more interactive with people around you, be it a small or large group.

It can help you appreciate more the feeling of being part of something and encourages you to go out and socialize outside your safe zone.

Potent Aphrodisiac: 

Kratom can also help reignite your sexual desire by being a powerful aphrodisiac and sexual booster. Other have testified of its ability to excite users when it comes to sex and lasting longer in sexual performance for men and even women.


Kratom being under the coffee family has the same effect when you drink coffee or tea. It can help you be relaxed; more focused and have a clearer state of mind.

With small dosage, users have noted for its ability to provide healthy, energetic feeling and vitality.

Increased Concentration:

If you are about to do some heavy mental work and need to concentrate on specific objectives, Kratom, aside from being an effective stimulant, can also help you focus more and be attentive.

The green and white strains, specifically, are known to be Nootropics that can contribute to increasing your cognitive function, particularly your memory, creativity, and motivation. Some have also noted for its ability to eliminate symptoms of ADHD/ADD, by promoting clearer thoughts and increased focus.

Pain Reliever:

One of the most noted benefits of Kratom is its analgesic capacity or pain reduction. Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom’s botanical name, is known to be a better alternative pain-killing drug than some, which are either strong or highly addictive.

Kratom helps activate your Mu-Opioid Receptors (MOR) that temporarily relieve pain, acute or chronic, much like morphine. Users have also testified of it’s effectiveness to cure a vast number of conditions such as a migraine, arthritis and vascular or muscle pain that are known to be resistant to some other known drugs.

Mitigates Withdrawal from Opiate:

One of the other benefits of using Kratom is its ability to ease users’ opiate withdrawal. While this positive effect is not widely known, some have testified of the natural herb’s capacity to help heavy drug users transition.

Kratom is known to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, over perspiration, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pains and anxiety. Drug dependent individuals who want to stop using illegal drugs can use Kratom as a transitional medicine until they fully recover.

Kratom is also known to be non-addictive; hence, users who have successfully eradicated its dependency on opiate products can just stop using Kratom at once without the fear of facing withdrawal effects.

Other Health Benefits:

Kratom is widely known in the region as a natural herbal medicine. Hence, some use it as a cure or even a maintenance drug for various health conditions. One of which is its ability to reduce damage to neurons after a stroke due to its anti-oxidant contents.

Another one is its anti-hypertensive capacity that helps maintain blood pressure through Alkaloid, one of its many beneficial compounds. Kratom also has Catechin that acts as an insulin and helps maintain an ideal level of blood sugar to those who have diabetes.

Furthermore, other benefits of Kratom include the ability to increase metabolism, helping user’s loss weight and promotes athleticism. It also has immune boosting properties such as antibacterial and anti-viral.

What are the Most Common Kratom Side Effects?

Even though unusual, it still possible for one to experience side effects with Kratom use. These side effects are minor, and the body has its mechanism to eradicate it eventually.

Users around the world have reported little to none of these so-called side effects, which is also the reason why Kratom is becoming increasingly popular and widely used. The occurrence of such usually roots from wrong use of dosage and sometimes, abuse. Luckily, some steps should be followed to prevent this from happening.

The existence of side effects is healthy – be it from taking prescription medicines and even natural herbs like Kratom. Your reaction to a particular medicine or herbal remedy may not be the same as the others, hence, the saying “Everyone is unique.”

Taking medications should not be any different, as its effects may vary from each person. Furthermore, the existence of side effects can also be triggered by other factors such as one’s state of the immune system, built, tolerance, diet and even the type of the medicine. However, it has been noted that natural herbs, like Kratom, is less likely to exhibit side effects than other chemically produced drugs.

In most extreme cases, Kratom users have reported feeling the following conditions as a side effect:

  • Kratom hangover (similar to alcohol hangover)
  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Difficulty staying awake
  • Messed up sleeping schedule
  • Difficulty concentrating on work

However, these side effects can easily be treated by:

  1. Taking a break from Kratom for a couple days to a week. This way, your body should be able to reset and self-heal, proving that Kratom does not stay in your body for a longer period and goes through the same process as food.
  2. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water (best with lemon) can also help your body rehydrate and aids in removing the toxins present.
  3. It is also recommended for you NOT to use any other stimulants (alcohols, cigarettes, etc.) until these side effects are gone.
  4. Rest. There is nothing like a good sleep that can help your body reinvigorate and return to its normal functions.

How To Avoid Kratom Side Effects?

At the end of the day, prevention is still better than cure. Thus, avoiding these side effects to happen is still much better than acting on it when it occurs. Kratom has been fairly established by countless testimonies as a work of wonder, providing a list of great benefits that dwarfs that of its minor side effects.

For you to continue to enjoy the benefits of this natural medicine, you need to be responsible in using it and think of it as a long-term strategy.

  • Be mindful of your dosage. Start with a small dosage and work from there until you find the right one that is best for you. It does not also hurt to listen and read other various testimonies of how they use Kratom efficiently, to develop your own.
  • Drink enough water as this helps your body detoxify.
  • Don’t abuse Kratom. Maintain a balanced frequency of your consumption and don’t use it two days straight.
  • Do NOT take any other substances that might interfere with Kratom’s process and maintain a healthier active lifestyle to be fit.
  • Keep a journal of the sort that will record your usage of Kratom. This way, you can readily pinpoint as to when what and why these side effects occurred. Knowing fully well of your consumption habits can help you make an adjustment to fully enjoy the benefits of Kratom.
  • Have control and know when to stop. If you think that you are getting near to experience a side effect that would be too much for you, take a break. Allow your body to reset or recover first. You don’t have to rush, enjoy it but don’t over it.

Another important thing to consider when using Kratom is to make sure that what you are using is of top quality. Be sure to purchase from trusted sellers only. One that could answer your queries has a good policy on product returns and has good feedbacks from the community.

Don’t be afraid or shy to ask. Seek advice from fellow Kratom users, read testimonies and participate in discussions. Having a full understanding on Kratom is proven to be beneficial to its users. That way you will know of its capacities and boundaries, making this fear of side effects inexistent.


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