Kratom’s Positive Safety Profile by Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Kratom’s Positive Safety Profile by Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Kratom, a plant related to coffee, has been used as an herbal drug by the South East Asians for decades. Known for its medicinal properties, this supplement from the coffee family can be used for relief from pains, mental illnesses and also provide increased energy, when taken in small doses.  Like anything it is important that you know how you are taking.  In the recent times, it is being increasing consumed by a number of Americans too, to improve the quality of their lives.

The Botanical legal defense (BLD) is dedicated to protecting nature’s gifts, by fighting governments that intent to criminalize the use of these naturally occurring wonders. Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) tops this category. It is a natural painkiller which helps relieve muscle pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. The BLD aims to educate and enlighten law makers, medical personnel, consumers and the media, about the benefits of the plant. They strive to protect the rights of adults who can use these safe herbal products to help them get better.

The executive director of BLD, Travis Lowin said there are a few people who are trying to spread false information about Kratom, claiming it is not safe to be consumed. However the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has published an in-depth report about Kratom, where a number of medical and educational professionals have supported the use of Kratom for medical remedies. Travis Lowin also hopes this report will get the attention of other governments, lawmakers and media who are not convinced about the use of Kratom.

The report by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement in December 2015, examines Kratom and its effect on the health on the consumer and the state of Florida. The report has many medical and educational professionals supporting the use of Kratom in appropriate amounts for its various benefits.  A pharmacology and toxicology professor negated Kratom as a dangerous drug due to the lack of scientific reason.  A professor of Behavioral Biology assured that the consumption of Kratom does not interfere with work or social commitments.

The members of the Florida State Legislature, based on this report in December 2015, have voted against the legislation that aimed to categorize Kratom as a schedule I narcotic. This is the second consecutive year, where the attempt to advance HB73 and SB1182 by several members of the legislature, has failed.  The report concluded that Kratom does not pose a significant risk to health or safety of the residents of Florida. The Florida Department of Health (DOH) reported there was no pervasive health issues related to the consumption of Kratom products in Florida.


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