Understanding Kratom Half-Life and Effects Duration by Strains

Understanding Kratom Half-Life and Effects Duration by Strains

Kratom is an herb that has taken the Western world by storm and changed numerous lives. The leaves of the Kratom tree found extensively in South East Asia are highly potent and filled with many alkaloids which have several beneficial as well as addictive properties. It is important to know about the half life of Kratom and the duration of the effects of various strains.

What is Kratom half life? 

Half life of a substance is the amount of time taken by half of the active compounds in the substance to become active and start showing results. It is important to determine how long the substance will take to be eliminated from the system.

A half life helps you determine the correct dosage of a substance to derive maximum benefit from it thereby preventing the complications that might arise from over or under dosage.

Kratom been relatively new on the scene, not much is known about Kratom other than a few basic facts like its effects on the brain and its half life.

Alkaloids present in Kratom leaves attach themselves to cell receptors in our brain to produce remarkable changes in your personality. Kratom half life primarily deals with how long these substances stay active in the system. The main mood defining alkaloids in Kratom are

  • Mitragynine: half life of 3.5 hours
  • 7- Hydrocymitragynine: half life of 2.5 hours.

This means that Kratom stays active anywhere between 5-7 hours in the body. It is not just these alkaloids, but various other factors like age, genetic built, immunity are the other factors that determine the effects of Kratom. Other than the visible benefits there are several antiadrenergic effects that could last almost 10 hours.

The other not prominent alkaloids are:

  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidine
  • 7-ethanoylmitragynine
  • Mitraphylline

Effects Duration for Different Strains of Kratom

There are several strains of Kratom available in the market, and their popularity is based on their potency, quality of effects, duration, and overall experience. How an individual reacts to a particular strain depends on body chemistry, tolerance, strength of product, and dosage.

Given below are some of the popular strains:

Maeng Da: This is the latest strain in the market and only the experienced Kratom user should try it. It brings an intense feeling of euphoria and is the best pain relief with long-lasting effects. This strain is very potent and hence a smaller does when compared to other strains will do the job.The threshold dosage is 2 gm.It lasts as long as 8 hours.

Red Bali: Though from Borneo, it became popular as Red Bali and is known for its relaxing capabilities. The use of this strain Kratom induces a calming effect by cutting the stress levels drastically and easing anxiety and stress gently. Pain relief and muscle relaxation also follow providing an overall soothing effect. The effects kick in slowly but last between 5-7 hours and in some cases even 10 hours.

Indo Strains: Procured from Indonesia, this strain is known to produce the longest lasting effects. It is called a social strain because it breaks the shackles of fear and shyness in the intimidated and socially shy individual. The effect and pain relief last for 8-10 hours.

Green Borneo: This strain combines relaxation and energy in a potent mix providing incredible pain relief and mental focus that lasts a whole day. The duration of the effects is between 8-10 hours.

White Borneo: A very popular strain harvested from mature Kratom leaves and that which has been used from centuries is a very potent stimulant. It provides bright, clear energy and improves your mental focus, drive for success and passion for life. It brings on a feeling of Euphoria too. The effects kick in really fast but the duration is really short and lasts only 3- 5 hours.

Extracts and Enhanced Strains

A question that arises here is should people consider extracts over powders, and if so why? An extract is a concentrated form of the leaves which have higher potency in smaller dosage. These extracts act faster, but do not last long. An enhanced strain on the other hand, is a combination of the extract and the powder to provide effects that last almost 10 hours.

Every individual has a different body make up and a unique body chemistry which determines the effect of Kratom on their systems. But broadly, all those who want toimprove the Kratom half life and the duration of the effects should follow a routine. They should take specific dosage and interchange products to prevent tolerance to a specific type or strain. It is only by experimenting with various products and dosage will you be able to reach a combination that works best for you.


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