Kratom And Medical Marijuana Legalized In Thailand


More and more countries have decided to take a more liberal stance towards medical marijuana. This specific substance has proven to be beneficial for many purposes. Until recently, the substance was illegal in Thailand. That has all changed now. The Southeast Asian country has decided to legalize medical marijuana and there is a bonus too. Kratom has been legalized in the country as well. That is definitely a good thing for people who are looking for alternative treatments. This is definitely a big shock for many people. After all, Thailand has had a reputation as being one of the strictest in terms of drugs. More about that will be provided below.

Thailand’s History

When it comes to drug laws, it is true that Thailand tends to have some of the strictest. The country is well-known for putting drug offenders to death for their crimes. This is one of the main reasons that it is such a shock to hear that Thailand has taken the massive step of legalizing medical marijuana and kratom. In Thailand, possession of large quantities of marijuana and trafficking the subject comes with severe punishments. After all, marijuana and kratom are considered schedule 5 drugs. Across the country, anyone caught possessing or trafficking larger quantities would be facing a death sentence. This is true for many of Thailand’s neighboring countries too.

Medical Marijuana Passage

This month, the country’s National Legislative Assembly or NLA passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. In the end, there were 166 votes for the passage of the bill and 0 against. However, there were 13 absentees. The amendment will also make changes to the National Narcotics Control Committee. The number of members will increase from 17 to 25. It will take a few months before the Narcotics Act’s laws go into effect. Usually, it takes roughly four months for the laws to be published in the country’s Royal Thai Government Gazette. After that, the laws will be activated across the country.

The government passed the legislation on Christmas day in what many will agree is an excellent Christmas present. The bill approved marijuana for medicinal and research purposes. The move comes after public hearings showcased the public’s support for the legislation.

And Kratom

It should also be noted that the new bill will also impact kratom in the country of Thailand. With the passage of the bill, Kratom products have also been legalized for medical purposes. In fact, the production, import, export, possession and use of kratom and cannabis for medical purposes will be made legal in the upcoming months. In order for producers and researchers to handle marijuana or kratom, they will need to obtain a license. You also need to realize that you’re not going to be able to buy either without jumping through a few hoops first. In order to buy medical marijuana or kratom, you will first need to obtain a prescription.

The First

It would be an understatement to suggest that the move is unprecedented. After all, Southeast Asia has some of the stiffest drug penalties in the entire world. And, it should be noted that Thailand is the first country in the area to take such action. There is a pretty good chance that Thailand’s move will influence other countries nearby. In fact, it has been said that Malaysia is thinking of following in suit. Earlier this month, New Zealand took steps to liberalize the medical use of cannabis. Previously, it was restricted in the country. Just remember the Thailand government still shuns the recreational use of drugs. The penalties are very, very stiff. With that being said, everyone should know the laws before attempting to buy or use drugs in a foreign country.


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