Illinois Bans Kratom Sales For Minors Starting 2016

Illinois Bans Kratom Sales For Minors Starting 2016

As Kratom builds more of a reputation in the US, so have its restrictions in various states. One state in particular is now making it illegal for minors to purchase this herbal supplement. Kratom sales are now banned to minors in Illinois as effective January 1st in 2016.  Much like the ban on minors purchasing over the counter medications.  This law is being passed in an effort to help maintain its use while still being researched. Many researches so far have found Kratom similar to that of Vicodin due to it’s pain killing effects. The fact that Kratom is marketed as a safe drug has brought concern to many representatives in Illinois. DEA agent Dennis Wichern states, “Because these drugs are sold over the Internet and often marketed as safe and legal, children in particular are at risk”. The law is going to help prevent those who are looking to misuse Kratom from being able to attain it, and a state public awareness campaign is under construction.

State Representative Dennise Reboletti has some concerns regarding Kratom and it’s effect on young children as well. “It mirrors or is very similar to giving a child Vicodin. It’s addictive, it can increase heart rate and it can increase other physical conditions,” says Reboletti. “It’s a dangerous situation that young people shouldn’t involve themselves in.”While many advocates claim that Kratom is harmless and serves more as a natural supplement, the state recognizes that there is no significant proof from research that notes that the drug is beneficial. The state is taking matter in to their own hands and hasbegun a state-wide public awareness campaign to notify parents about the new drug.

You can find out if Kratom is Legal in your state via our kratom legal map.


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