Glasgow City Government Addresses Kratom


Over the past few years, Kratom has become somewhat of a household name. In the past, nobody could tell you what it is. Now, many people realize that it could potentially aid opioid addicts. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of skepticism regarding Kratom. Many agencies suggest that it is downright dangerous and should be avoided. Earlier this month, the Glasgow City government decided to take up the matter. The controversial subject was debated and it was clear that there are still more questions than answers. Below, you’ll delve deeper into the city government’s conversations.

The Meeting

During one of the most recent Glasgow City Government Public Safety Committee meetings, the subject of kratom was brought up. Councilwoman Marna Kirkpatrick told the group that it was possible to buy kratom in pretty much any convenience store in the city. She also claimed that her children had come home from school asking about it. Another Kentucky city had already taken steps to ban the substances. It was very clear that the Councilwoman felt that Kratom was a serious problem for the city and its inhabitants. So, what would Glasgow do in an attempt to crack down on kratom? The question was turned to the city’s Police Chief Guy Howie.

Ultimately, Howie had plenty of negative things to say about kratom. He claimed that it was similar to many opioids. It also claimed it kratom was being spiked with Spice and Fentanyl. This is a common feeling for people in law enforcement. It is part of the mentality that comes with the job. Nevertheless, Howie was realistic in terms of enforcing a ban on kratom.

Banning Kratom In Glasgow

During the meeting, the possibility of banning Kratom in Glasgow as brought up. While Guy Howie had been negative about the substance, it was clear that he didn’t think a ban would be the answer. Ultimately, it would be up to the committee to design an ordinance to ban Kratom from being sold in the city. For Howie, the difficulty would be the enforceability. In all likelihood, selling kratom would be classified as a misdemeanor and that would come with very little punishment. At the same time, an ordinance wouldn’t provide any real means of controlling the substance.

In order for Glasgow to really crack down on Kratom, the substance would need to be criminalized on the state level and that is unlikely going to happen any time soon.

The Committee’s Decision

At the end of the day, the Committee couldn’t do a whole lot. Their final decision was to order the Chief to obtain additional information from the Substance Control Office. That information will ultimately be used to educate the council so they can find out how to address kratom better at the state level. In other words, the committee pretty much pushed the can down the road for the time being. With new Kratom research studies on the horizon, there is a possibility that the evidence garnered could change their opinion once again. That may put a halt to the Committee’s plans altogether.


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