Franklin Is The First City In New Hampshire Who Bans Kratom


Kratom has received some scrutiny over the past few years. Nevertheless, it is widely available across the United States. In New Hampshire, it might be possible to buy kratom right now. However, that may change in the future. And, you should know that it depends on where you’re living. If you live in Franklin, New Hampshire, you may have a tough time buying kratom in the coming months. The city has taken steps to ban kratom to prevent it from being purchased by consumers. What does this mean? Below, you’ll learn more about the city’s decision to ban Kratom.

The Vote

First and foremost, you should learn a little more about the vote. The City Council of Franklin had a meeting at the beginning of September to discuss kratom. The Food and Drug Administration considered kratom to be a drug of concern. It says that Kratom is highly addictive and could result in harmful side effects. At one point in 2017, the FDA announced that it would put together a plan to prevent shipments of kratom from entering the United States. That plan fell through. Nevertheless, their criticism of Kratom has stuck with some.

It has gotten through to the Franklin City Council. The council voted unanimously to ban kratom. Now, it may be impossible for Franklin residents to purchase kratom in their home town. However, it should be noted that kratom may be available elsewhere in New Hampshire. The coalition coordinator for the Mayor’s Drug Task Force spoke about the decision.

Kandyce Tucker would say that there were several places in Franklin selling Kratom. Now, she claims that they’re not selling it anymore. Kratom is mainly used in Southeast Asia. However, it has gained popularity in the United States during recent years.

Not The Only One

Unfortunately, Franklin is not the only city that has decided to ban kratom. Last week, it was announced that Point Pleasant Beach officials were interested in placing a ban on kratom too. Louisiana officials have been considering doing the same. Ohio had been working on a kratom ban for a longer period of time. Well, that plan ultimately fell through. Roughly a month ago, it was revealed that the state of Ohio had delayed the kratom ban. The bill was designed to regulate the herbal supplement. They may try again. At this point though, kratom is safe in Ohio.

Finally, it should be noted that Glen Carbon decided to ban the use and sale of kratom. The village of Glen Carbon passed an ordinance which prohibited the possession and sale of kratom within the village. It was unanimously passed by the trustees involved. Suffice to say, there are many that are interested in banning kratom. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that other cities will follow suit in the future.


Why are so many agencies deciding to place a ban on Kratom? Well, it mostly has to do with the FDA’s statements. They believe that Kratom is dangerous and they want others to believe it too. Since the FDA is a federal agency, most people believe everything they say. With that being said, you should not be surprised if other cities and villages try to do the same.

Fighting Back

Ultimately, you should know that there are some agencies that are fighting back against these agencies. There is a slim chance that kratom will be banned federally. Nevertheless, activists need to continue fighting back or problems are going to occur. Without these efforts, these agencies will be able to continue pushing bans across the board.


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